We all agree on super broad and even more, super deep considerations that should be taken into account when performing FEA analyses. Neglecting even one of these considerations can lead to a completely wrong answer.

At Abaqus Center we are ready to share our long-term experience with you. Since today’s FEA software like Abaqus are so complex to be mastered just by one person, here at Abaqus Center, we tried to compose our team from experts in different areas of FEA simulation. Currently we have experts in these areas:

  • Importing CAD models into Abaqus
  • Contact modeling specially in Abaqus/Standard
  • Proper meshing
  • Crack modeling
  • Composite modeling with Abaqus
  • Pressure vessel modeling with Abaqus
  • Most of Metal forming processes with Abaqus
  • Linking MATLAB to Abaqus for optimization purposes
  • UMAT subroutine specially for plasticity models
  • Python scripting for automazing  repetitive tasks and adding new plugins to abaqus

It is a huge time-saving if your problem with your specific FEA simulation falls in one of our areas of expertise.  Feel free to contact us, just fill out the form below:

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