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Design, analysis, construction ,and test of composite pressure vessel 

Design, analysis, construction ,and test of Composite shaft

Fatigue analysis of composite material

Fatigue and Damage analysis of sandwich panels in huge structures under several type of loading (include: cohesive, wood, foam, and woven/arbitrary oriented composite)

High speed impact on composite and hybrid composite plates 

Design and analysis of planar motion mechanism (PMM) 

Investigation of ballistic Impact behavior of woven panels

Effect of shape and orthotropic ratio on progressive failure in composite plate with hole based on Puck failure criterion

Progressive failure of tension-loaded open hole composite laminate subjected to post-buckling

Design and analysis of  butterfly lock mechanism

Conceptual design of inspector robot 

Thermal simulation of brake in FEM software

Thermoforming simulation of polypropylene with great elongation and help of plug-ins

Python scripting to applying several units in ABAQUS

Writing  types of subroutine(USDFLD, UMAT, VUAMT) to detection several failure initiation(Puck, Hashin, Tsaih) for 3D continuum composite material

Damage initiation and propagation of adhesive in joints

Finite Element simulation of ballistic impact in the composite panels

Simulation of hydroforming process in ABAQUS by using VDISP and VDLOAD subroutines

Forge simulation in ABAQUS

Simulation of brittle damage in ABAQUS with subroutine

Simulation of incremental forming in ABAQUS

Simulation of deep drawing with 3D continuum and conventional elements in ABAQUS

Using of VFRICTION and VFRIC subroutines in ABAQUS to simulation of contact  

Simulation of  torsional strength of the hybrid aluminum/composite drive shaft

Simulation of rubber pad forming

Finite Element simulation of hot rolling process 

Finite element simulation of extrusion and rolling  in ABAQUS

Using of UGEN subroutine to specify matrix stiffness  

New method to calculate fatigue of adhesive using USDFLD subroutine in ABAQUS


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